Our History

Cruz Campo Perú, started their operations in 2004, with the objective of offering exotic and ethnic products of our biodiversity following the trend of healthy consumption in our country and in the world.
In a short time we became pioneers in the cultivation, research and processing of yacon and together with goldenberry.
Our perseverance in making known the nutritional benefits, led us to elaborate other derivatives such as: jams , nectars, dehydrated and powder  . Getting good acceptance in the local market.


Our HistoryIn the 2010 , with the objective of having quality raw material , ecological cultivation and diversify with other products such as : Lúcuma , Arracacha , native potatoe , among other net products in the area . CRUZ CAMPO PERÚ S.A.C, manage to organize a group of Amazon farmers – Chachapoyas , wich is located in the north of Peru.


Since the year 2012, we have worked with native communities of INCAHUASI -LAMBAYEQUE, who maintain their ancestral techniques of ecological cultivation, conserving biodiversity. We are working together to obtain certifications and support the quality of our products that we offer.

Responsible and committed to deliver quality products to the final consumer, the process plant has now obtained the HACCP certification, certified by BUREAU VERITAS.

As part of the commercial plan, we have agreed to install very soon, a new process plant in the Lambayeque Region – Jayanca – Peru, a strategic place because of the proximity to our producing communities and thus achieve a fair price that will contribute to the wellbeing and development of communities.



Provide organic, selected and carefully processed superfoods that meet quality standards. Promoting sustainable and profitable agriculture crops in communities that help improve the quality of life of farmers, who are responsible for the environment .


Be the leading company providing native organic food to Peru and the world. Our dream is to incorporate as many peasants as possible into the value chain, so that together, we promote the best of our diversity, generating well-being and quality of life.